Ladies, let's work with our physiology!

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed in premenopause/ perimenopause/ menopause with weight gain?
  • Does what perhaps used to work for you in the past not work for you anymore?
  • Have you been feeling less confident in your body?
  • Do your clothes not fit you the way they used to?
  • Are you wanting to feel stronger, and have more energy and vitality?
  • Are you ready and committed to optimising your health with Priscilla's proven program?

Body loving Fat Loss & Female Phase Based Training

  • 1Get empowered with cycle-synched phase based training specifically for female physiology.
  • 2Feel what it is truly like to thrive with a personalised plan in partnership with Priscilla.
  • 3Be the confident woman you deserve to be equip with sustainable long-term tools.
  • 4Reach your body composition and wellness goals using evidenced-based methods.
  • 5Finally feel in control and accomplished with what works best for your beautiful body.

I want you to feel empowered!

With so much confusion out there about health and nutrition it’s difficult to decipher what to believe! My nutrition and fitness programs are designed to work with your female physiology so that you feel more aligned and accomplished than ever before. My mission is to empower women giving them the tools to thrive and take back control – whatever life stage you are in! We lean on the science and use evidenced based interventions for both nutrition and fitness so that you can successfully and sustainably hit your goals while creating healthy habits for life! If you are ready to put in the work – I am ready to work with you!

empowered Nutrition Program

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