Dark Chocolate Bar

Sugar Free Raw Dark Chocolate Bars

After pouring my heart and soul into the art and craft of bean to bar chocolate making the past five years with mine and my sister’s family company Raiz The Bar Chocolate Makers, unless you have a winnower (removes husks off cacao beans), stone grinder (grinds the beans into liquid) and a tempering machine (tempers chocolate) making chocolate this way from home would definitely be highly time consuming, arduous and a deal breaker. So, I wanted to make this a fun, easy, accessible and delicious experience for you to be able to handcraft your very own artisanal bars from home with just FIVE ingredients!

Sugar Free Raw Dark Chocolate Bar ingredients

This is my basic simple dark ‘base’ chocolate recipe. You can take this recipe and run with it! You can make this your own by adding in whatever flavours, textures and mouth feels that suit you and your palate. The liquid chocolate (before moulded into these bars) can be used in my other recipes such as my Chocolate Butter Centers. If you don’t have silicone or polycarbonate bar moulds – no worries! Simply, use a pan lined with baking paper and make chocolate bark by laying out the chocolate, setting it up in the freezer then breaking up all of the pieces into shards.

You can use food-grade essential oils, extracts, and spices to flavor the chocolate. You can also adorn (sprinkle on the back of the chocolate to see) or enrobe (inside of the chocolate so that when you bite into it you get a nice crunch) freeze-dried fruit, nuts, seeds, cacao nibs, or whatever your little heart desires. I am always mindful though of added sugar hidden in things like dried fruits, so I prefer to stick to freeze-dried berries, which give a great pop of flavor and crunch! I think you get the idea here – the pairings are limitless! I love making sugar free versions of this chocolate bar too now with liquid Lo Han Guo and often add in shreds of coconut too! I also highly recommend going by my weighted measurements (grams) below so you get the same consistency and replicability as I have every time for this base recipe.

Sugar Free Raw Dark Chocolate Bar

There honestly is no limit and you can recreate your favs without the junk or sugar rollercoaster. If you make the bars ahead of time, you can gently melt them down and use them in my other recipes, such as icing for chocolate doughnuts, or chocolate sauce, or chocolate dipped strawberries or chocolate pudding! The amount of bars you make depends on your molds. If you don’t have a mold, you can simply use a non-stick baking tray and set up your chocolate in that, decorate and adorn (or not) and break into shards to store in an airtight sealed container in the fridge! Easy peasy!

Cacao contains polyphenols (a class of phytochemical) that help to reduce inflammation and are anti-aging. Cacao in its unadulterated state has the highest amount of phenylethylamine (PEA’s), which is a chemical/ neurotransmitter produced in the brain released when a person falls in love. It also contains small amounts of anandamide an endogenous cannabinoid found in the brain and like PEA’s it is also a neurotransmitter, however you would need to consume several kilos for it to have a similar effect on the brain as THC, the active ingredient in cannabis. Finally, cacao contains the flavonoid epicatechin that has been found to have twice the antioxidants of red wine and up to three times found in green tea! Cacao flavonoids have been used in clinical trials to boost blood flow to key areas of the brain. Okay, unadulterated chocolate class dismissed! 😉

As a trained Chef and former chocolate maker I love creating real unadulterated chocolate!
Sugar Free Raw Dark Chocolate bunnies
Use different moulds to create a holiday feel, whichever holidays you celebrate and have fun!

Dark Chocolate Bar

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Recipe by Priscilla Soligo Course: Chocolate, Desserts, Holidays, Snacks


  • 230g 2â…“ Cups Shaved Raw Cacao Butter, melted, approx, 1 Cup melted

  • 130g 1â…“ Cups Raw Cacao Powder, sifted

  • 50g ¼ Cup Organic Erythritol. Blend into a fine powder which will make ½ Cup Powdered erythritol.

  • 12 Drops Vanilla Liquid Stevia (I use SweetLeaf brand)

  • Pinch of Unrefined Salt

  • Note: I highly recommend using the weighted measurements in this recipe to get the same consistency every time as I do.


  • In a blender, place all liquid ingredients in first followed by powders.
  • Blend until well-incorporated and smooth. Do not over blend, or make the chocolate too warm from the heat generated by the motor of your blender, otherwise, your chocolate will seize (separate) and once this happens there’s no going back.
  • Pour warm chocolate from your blender into prepared silicone (easiest) or polycarbonate, or whatever molds you prefer.
  • Set up in the freezer for approx 25 mins. On a chopping board, remove chocolates from molds and enjoy! Place in a storage container in the fridge.


  • Inclusions, or Adornments: I love using freeze dried fruits (much less sugar than dried fruits and they add a great crunch), nuts, seeds, cacao nibs, coconut flakes, sea salt, cayenne for some spice etc. You can either fold your fav ‘extras’ into the liquid chocolate before pouring into the molds, these are called ‘inclusions,’ or pour chocolate into the molds and adorn the backs so that the pieces are exposed, which look really pretty. In addition, you can also use a food grade essential oil such as orange, mint, lavender, etc (oil based, not an extract, as chocolate doesn’t like water!)
  • Storage:  Chocolate will last up to one year or more in the fridge! That is, if it lasts that long!

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4 servings per container

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