Sugar Free Chocolate Butter Centres

Sugar Free Chocolate Butter Centres

Need a decadent treat to fulfill your sweet chocolate hankering? Look no further than my delicious Sugar-Free Chocolate Butter Centres. These morsels of goodness (yes, these are actually GOOD for you containing healthy fats from cacao butter to a nut and/ or seed butter) and will most definitely make you feel like you have indulged! 

Raw cacao contains PEA’s and anandamide to get you on a happy high, magnesium to help to de-stress (great for post-workout muscle recovery) and cacao is great for heart health! Feel great about enjoying a couple of these without spiking your blood sugar levels and buying a ticket on the sugar roller coaster, which causes you to crash and crave!

Sugar Free Chocolate Butter Centers ingredients

Choose whatever nut, seed or coconut butter you prefer! I use a combination here of peanut butter (make sure there’s only 1 or 2 ingredients in it, peanuts and salt, or just peanuts – no added sugar or oils as is often the case so read your labels!) I also have cashew butter, which lends a naturally sweet creamy centre and almond butter, but please fill these with whatever you prefer. You can also add in some food grade essential oils, or sugar-free extracts to your butter for some fun flavors too (see below in the directions for some ideas). Enjoy this healthy decadent treat!

Sugar Free Chocolate Butter Centres plated

Sugar Free Chocolate Butter Centres

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Recipe by Priscilla Soligo Course: Chocolate, Desserts, Snacks


  • 1 x Recipe Sugar-Free Raw Dark Chocolate (liquid)

  • Feel free to use whatever nut or seed butter you prefer. Here is my favorite medley for this recipe:

  • 48g 3 Tbsps Almond Butter

  • 48g 3 Tbsps Cashew Butter

  • 48g 3 Tbsps Peanut Butter


  • Pour liquid chocolate into silicone molds. I use silicone molds with 15 cavities in each mold with each cavity 3cm width and 2cm depth (or your preferred molds). Fill to approx ¼ full of liquid chocolate. Repeat.
  • Place into the freezer for about 5 – 8 minutes, or until set.
  • Remove from freezer and add a small amount of your chosen nut/ seed butter on top of the set chocolate making sure to leave space around the butter (very important) so that the chocolate can seal around it.
  • Pour remaining chocolate over the top of the butter and place back into the freezer to set for another 8 minutes, or until set.
  • Remove from the freezer and pop out of silicone molds. Carefully place into a sealed container with baking paper in-between each layer.


  • Chef tips: Feel free to use food grade essential oils, or sugar-free extracts to create flavors. We love mixing mint in with our cashew butter to create a creamy white peppermint chocolate butter center, or try orange extract in with your almond butter, or add a sprinkling of unrefined salt for a salted peanut butter center – have a play!
  • Storage: Store chocolates in an airtight sealed container in the fridge. Will keep for up to 6 months.

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Nutrition Facts

4 servings per container

  • Amount Per ServingCalories300
  • % Daily Value *

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