If you love mashed potato, but would prefer a lower-carb option, or maybe you would like to give your guests a choice on your holiday table looks no further than my cauli-mash. Comforting, creamy, and with a texture similar to mash potato (not ‘exactly’ the same though, but darn near close!) this definitely satisfies as a side with just about any meal. I have tried many variations of cauliflower mash and there’s not one that works better than this one because of my straining hack. So, make sure you follow this step by step and you too will have cauli-mash side-dish heaven for the holidays! 😉

Cauli-Mash mise en place / Food prep

We like to team our cauli-mash with my Roasted Whole Herbed Chicken, my Onion Mushroom Gravy, and my Roasted Vegetable Sheet Pan, or a large garden salad with lots of leafy greens! I hope you and your family will enjoy this very simple side dish as much as we do.

Note: You will need to double this recipe and use two cauliflower heads to serve 4 persons.

Post steaming of the cauliflower a NOT to be missed step is ensuring almost all of the water is squeezed out using a nut milk bag, or straining cloth.
After the steaming and squeezing out the water it’s time to add all of the ingredients into the food processor and process into a creamy-dreamy mash! YUM!
No sloppy cauli-mash here. This texture is perfect and mimics mashed potato beautifully.


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Prep time


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  • 800g 1 Large Cauliflower, broken into pieces

  • 25g ¼ Cup Non-dairy, or Dairy cheese

  • 30g 2 Tbsps Unsalted Butter, room temperature, or Ghee (we use grass-fed)

  • 5g 1½ tsp  Onion Powder

  • 1g ¼ tsp Unrefined Salt


  • On the stove on medium heat in a bain-marie steamer, steam the cauliflower for 15 minutes or until soften.
  • Using a nut milk bag, or cloth strainer, place the steamed cauliflower inside of the bag. Squeeze out all of the excess water. If cauliflower is too hot set-aside until it’s slightly cooled. Discard the water. Do not skip this step, otherwise, your cauli-mash will be very sloppy.
  • Using a food processor, place the squeezed cauliflower and all of the remaining ingredients inside.
  • Process until well combined. It should resemble a creamy ‘mashed potato’ consistency.
  • Serve warm as a delicious ‘faux’ mash potato low-carb creamy-dreamy side dish.


  • Storage: Cauli-mash keeps well in the refrigerator in a glass sealed container for up to one week.

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