Black Bean Mexican Burger

I was vegan for ten years. My culinary training as a Chef has all been plant-based and I am so grateful for the innovative cutting-edge training I have been so fortunate to receive. Even though I eat meat now, most of my diet is comprised of whole food plants and I recommend this for everyone. Not only do plants contain phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients, healthy fats, protein (yes proteins!) they are our most abundant source of an often overlooked macro-nutrient, fiber! Fiber is food for our good gut-buddies in our microbiota and a fiber rich diet helps them to proliferate and thrive. If they thrive, you do too seeings as we are mostly made up of microbes, ten to one human cell respectively! Yes, we are a walking talking eco-system with our microbes basically running the show (hello gut-brain axis.)

Mexican black bean burger patties mis en place/ food prep

Fiber also puts weight in our stomach where we have stretch receptors to tell our brain that we are full. Ghrelin is a hunger hormone that makes us ‘HANGRY’ (sounds like a gremlin because it is!) It requires weight in our stomach to shut it down – enter fiber. Further, fiber slows the release of glucose into the blood stream which makes it paramount to blood sugar balance regulation. Our ancestors ate approx. 100g of fiber each day and most of us are deficient hovering around 12g or less per day! No wonder people suffer from so many gut issues and inflammation. We can all agree that we need more plants on our plate and I recommend ¾ of your plate be mostly non-starchy plants that grow above the ground!

Patties on the grill (or you can bake them, your choice 🙂

Now, back to these mouth watering burgers. As a chef, I used to hold ‘private kitchens,’ and worked with some celebrity chefs here in Hong Kong and abroad. We would hold exclusive evenings or lunches where we would showcase innovative plant-based culinary dishes. This burger was a hit with all of the ‘meat eaters,’ – it did not disappoint. Most of the pre-frozen store bought burger patties today contain a lot of unnecessary junk and fillers to include grain and soy, which can act as an endocrine disruptor in many people. When we aren’t making my pasture raised grass-fed burgers we are making these and we love to pair them with my Mexican sweet potato wedges, or home made skin-on fries in the oven. We pull out our frozen pre-made clean keto buns from the freezer to defrost then we grill them for a minute or two on the BBQ, or pop them into the oven to make them warm. We sometimes prefer to pop these patties into lettuce/ collard wraps too with all of the toppings below – just do you! 🙂

Black Bean Mexican Burger

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Recipe by Priscilla Soligo Course: Mains

Prep time: 35 minutes
Bake time: 20 minutes
Grill/ BBQ time: 10-12 minutes
Makes approx. 8-10 burger patties


  • 330g 2 Cups Black Beans, canned, rinsed well, dried with paper towel

  • 150g 1 Medium Red Bell Pepper, seeded, roughly chopped

  • 150g 1 Cup Onion, roughly chopped

  • 130g 1 Cup Walnuts

  • 120g 1 Large Portobello Mushrooms, roughly chopped

  • 34g 6 Garlic Cloves, roughly chopped

  • 30g 1 Cup Fresh spinach

  • 30g ⅓ Cup Ground Flax Seed

  • 30g 2 Tbsps Avocado Oil

  • 20g ¼ Cup Fresh Cilantro (coriander), roughly chopped

  • 20g 2 Tbsps Smoked Paprika

  • 7g 1 Tbsp Ground Cumin

  • 4g 2 tsp Chipotle Powder (reduce if you prefer less heat)

  • 6g 1 tsp Unrefined Salt

  • Optional: 1 – 2 x Recipes of my Beyond Bread Buns: Weigh 130g per bun of raw dough to make correct size for each burger bun. Alternatively, buy store bought grain / gluten free buns of choice, or use a collard wrap.

    Optional: 1 x Recipe Mexican Sweet Potato Wedges


  • In a pan, on the stove over medium heat, add in the avocado oil and sauté the onions, garlic and red bell pepper for approx. 4-5 minutes, or until softened. Retain any excess liquid to pour into the food processor
  • In a food processor, add in the sautéed vegetable mixture. Add in all remaining ingredients (except the black beans) pulsing intermittently to avoid the mixture turning into a purée, so it has texture to it.
  • Add in the black beans and pulse only a few times ensuring some beans are left whole and chunky.
  • Remove mixture from the food processor into a large bowl and allow to stand covered in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, prepare a baking paper lined baking tray to place formed patties on. Remove mixture from the refrigerator and form into patties using your hands.
  • If you prefer to bake: Place patties on a baking paper lined baking sheet and bake at 375°F (190°C) for approx. 8 – 10 minutes on each side. Approx. 16 – 20 minutes total baking time.
  • If you prefer to BBQ/ grill: Place patties onto an avocado oil greased grill pan (flat pan that sits in your BBQ, or flat side of your BBQ – not on the grill bars) at medium-high heat. Allow for approx. 5 – 6 minutes on each side. Heat temperature will vary as BBQ/ grills differ.
  • To Assemble: Toppings we love to add to our burgers are: Cos or butter lettuce, sliced ripe tomato, sliced cucumber, thinly sliced red onion, jalapeño peppers chopped (if you like it extra spicy!), Primal Kitchen mustard, mayo and their unsweetened ketchup. (Optional): Serve with Mexican Sweet Potato Wedges.


  • Storage: Once assembled, burgers are best consumed immediately. Patties can be formed (uncooked), wrapped, separated, placed into an airtight sealed container then into the freezer for up to two months. To cook, place frozen patty into the oven, or onto the BBQ and follow cooking instructions. Allow for slightly extra cooking time.

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