Baked Salmon with Pesto Zoodles & Pistachios

Baked Salmon with Pesto Zoodles & Pistachios

This vibrant and light yet satiating meal is always a winner, whatever the season! You will need a spiraliser (sold in most kitchen stores and on Amazon), in order to create the spaghetti noodles from the zucchini. This low net carb high fibre zucchini/ zoodle pasta alternative takes on board any flavour you give them. In this case I love using some of my super flavourful nutrient dense pumpkin seed spinach basil pesto. I add a squeeze of lemon to thin it out, which pairs so well with the zoodles and salmon – less the traditional pasta after-bloat!

Baked Salmon with Pesto Zoodles & Pistachios on a plate

In this recipe, I explain to you how to prepare your zucchini pasta, or zoodles so that they have more of an al dente mouth feel. Pumpkin seeds are full of fibre, which most of us don’t get enough of, but you will in this meal and magnesium, a mineral approx. 80% of us are deficient in. Fibre is important to feed our resident gut buddies so that they thrive and magnesium helps us to de-stress, sleep better and aid in post workout muscle recovery. Pumpkin seeds are also high in Omega 3 fatty acids, as is salmon. Try and opt for wild sustainably caught salmon from the deep sea, if possible as opposed to aqua-farmed salmon.

Baked Salmon with Pesto Zoodles & Pistachios

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Recipe by Priscilla Soligo Course: Mains, Salads

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