It is my dream for women to wake up in the morning with confidence and purpose whilst loving how they look and feel fully equipped with the tools to T.H.R.I.V.E! 

Hi, I’m Priscilla and I am so glad we found each other!

A few formalities first. I am a clinical nutritionist, personal trainer, wife, and mum of two young children. I hold a bachelor’s degree from The University of Southern Queensland and postgraduate degree in the science of Human Nutrition from Deakin University, Melbourne. I received my personal training master certification from the Australian Institute of Fitness, Perth and my culinary training with Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy, Santa Monica.  

My approach to wellness and nutrition is rooted in the science of human nutrition but started in the kitchen. As a trained plant-based chef, I have always believed in the power of plants and nutrient-dense real whole food as medicine. My career as a chef took me around the globe holding workshops and events, instructing at international plant-based culinary academies and appearing on local TV shows like Hong Kong’s TVB Dolce Vita. I also founded Hong Kong’s first bean to bar raw vegan chocolate company with my sister, Raiz The Bar that won the Natural Organic Products Asia (NOPA) award in 2016.

After struggling to lose weight post-pregnancies and having severe diastasis recti due to requiring C-section births for both of my babies, my brain and body felt disconnected for years after. I had been vegan for many years, raw vegan, pescatarian and was a binge-exerciser because fitness just wasn’t my jam back then. I thought I knew how to take care of myself, but I was deficient, depleted and always sick. In 2016 I started training with my sister. Not long after I tore my ATFL ankle ligament clean off the bone. I opted out of surgery back then to allow for tissue regeneration instead, although it would never be as strong as my ligament. This marked the beginning of working out from home where I found I was able to be much more exercise-consistent whilst exploring various online streaming classes and exercise apps.

As I was studying for my clinical nutrition postgrad, I took a deep dive into the research and scientific literature of human nutrition. I saw the need for a simple sustainable rooted-in-science framework that can significantly improve a person’s health and wellbeing. T.H.R.I.V.E, The 5 to thrive and The thrive toolbox were created to give my clients the tools and knowledge within a flexible framework to empower their choices on the daily and develop healthy relationships around food and fitness.

Recently, in December 2019 just before New Year’s Eve in Sydney Australia, I was involved in an accident where I sustained several facial fractures and almost lose my eye. I consulted with several maxillofacial, ophthalmologists, facial trauma and plastic surgeons. Initially, I was advised I would require titanium plates and screws in my face for the breaks, however, after speaking with other surgeons who took a more conservative approach I opted for no surgery and to allow natural tissue and bone regeneration. My surgeon and the medical staff during my check-ins were highly curious as to how I was able to expedite my healing with such a quick decrease in inflammation and an increase in tissue and skin regeneration. I soon realized that my severe accident was indeed a blessing. Anecdotal proof that the science I had researched and implemented consistently over the years to inform my T.H.R.I.V.E lifestyle is indeed efficacious. Even more surprising to me was my calm and positive state of mind initially when the accident happened to months later, despite my warrior-scar and nerve damage. I believe my lifestyle had everything to do with it. You can see my entire documented journey on Instagram in my highlights: Opened I, III and III.

In an already flooded field full of fit-influencers and health ‘experts’ telling you what you should and shouldn’t do, it can feel totally overwhelming trying to head for health. I want women to feel in balance and empowered about their choices and their goals within reach. It is my dream for women to wake up in the morning with confidence and purpose whilst loving how they look and feel fully equipped with the tools to T.H.R.I.V.E! 

So much love, 

The Kickoff of THRIVE

While I was grateful to be blessed with two beautiful, healthy adorable children and loved my body for what it had overcome, I wanted to know what it felt like to be the healthiest version of myself. So, at the end of 2016, I began researching cutting-edge science and experimented on myself to discover what did and didn’t work for me. I looked and felt the best I ever had. I decided to go back to university and study my post graduate degree in the science of Human Nutrition, which delves into our biology and biochemistry. Researching, reading and being in PubMed comparing clinical trials, I wanted to distill this valuable information to help as many women as possible to T.H.R.I.V.E.

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