"My goal is to help you to optimise your health and wellbeing so that you feel empowered to THRIVE every day for the rest of your life. Not only will you surpass your goals practically and sustainably - your brain and body will feel more aligned than ever before."



Priscilla Soligo is an Australian qualified Clinical Nutritionist. She holds a bachelor’s degree from The University of Southern Queensland and a postgraduate degree in the Science of Human Nutrition from Deakin University, Melbourne. Priscilla’s further clinical professional studies include Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Certification, and she is currently a student of The Institute for Functional Medicine. She is also an Active Member of the Canadian Nutrition Society (CNS) and is a Nutritionist Member with the Hong Kong Nutrition Association (HKNA). In addition, Priscilla is a qualified (Master) personal trainer certified by The Australian Institute of Fitness.


Priscilla is sought after globally for her scientific evidence-based personalised nutrition which she fuses together with her holistic, practical, and sustainable approach. In her practice, she helps clients optimise their health and longevity by creating transformative habits that help them to successfully reach their goals. Priscilla clinically investigates underlying factors to personalise health plans. These may include optimal blood biomarkers and labs, blood glucose regulation, hormones, microbiota (gut-health), metabolic health, DNA testing, and nutrigenomics.


Priscilla is also a trained Chef. She has instructed at culinary academies and workshops in the US, Australia, Thailand, and Bali and has held private kitchens in Hong Kong. Her passion is to elevate or upgrade our favourite foods using what she calls the #5tothrive so that meals are balanced without the blood sugar rollercoaster. Priscilla has been featured in numerous magazines and Hong Kong’s TVB Dolce Vita for her health-food innovations and later founded Hong Kong’s first bean-to-bar chocolate factory with her sister, Raiz The Bar. They won the Natural & Organic Products Award (NOPA) in 2016. After closing their factory doors Priscilla returned to university for her post-graduate education to deep dive into the science of human nutrition. 


After discovering the positive impact strength training had on her previously compromised immune system and pre-cancerous cells scare, Priscilla later graduated from The Australian Institute of Fitness, Perth. She received the highest level qualification as a certified master personal trainer. “Our muscles are our largest glucose disposal tanks, our metabolic currency, and boosts BDNF. Muscle gains improves brain function, bone density, immune function, and our microbiota, especially as we age. I’ve been working out at home for years, which keeps me consistent. Resisting my muscles has been anecdotally one of the most profound transformations of both my physical and mental health.” Priscilla’s at-home online strength training program will launch 2021.

THE BUSY MUM (aren’t we all!)

“After struggling to lose weight post-pregnancies and having severe diastasis recti (both were C-section births,) my brain and body felt disconnected for years later. I thought back then with my limited nutrition knowledge, and whole food recipe creations I knew how to take care of myself, but I was deficient, depleted, and sick all the time. My immune system felt broken. Mood swings, fatigue, and brain fog was my norm. Doctors told me I was fine, but I knew something was wrong. So, I decided to go back to university and further my studies in the science of human nutrition and go down yet another rabbit hole. Back then I knew how to survive, but that wasn’t good enough. I wanted to THRIVE. Looking back now it’s like I was living in a completely different brain and body. I began to achieve a level of health, strength, and self-empowerment I never believed was even possible. I learned what worked best for me and my bio-individuality. Armed with a thirst for knowledge and experience while continuing to hit my goals – it gives me great joy seeing my clients reach theirs.” 

More recently, on December 30th, 2019 in Sydney Australia, Priscilla was involved in an accident where she sustained several facial fractures, and a significant scar.

“My surgeon and the awesome medical staff during my check-ins were highly curious as to how I was able to expedite my healing with such a quick decrease in inflammation and an increase in tissue and skin regeneration. My accident recovery given the severity (I opted out of surgery) served as further anecdotal evidence that food (and lifestyle) really is medicine”

View Priscilla’s documented journey on her Instagram @thrivewithpriscilla in highlights: Opened I, III and III.”

“I want women to feel empowered about their choices, their health, and to THRIVE. Having the foods, and the tools to successfully optimise our health on a cellular level can mean the difference between a life where we only survive, or we can stand in our power and THRIVE. I love watching my client’s hit their goals while they bring their brain and body back into alignment. You will learn what works best for YOU (not someone else) and to trust YOUR choices. Together lets choose progress over perfection and finally feel what it’s like to THRIVE.”

Keep thriving,

It's personal

Priscilla is from Sydney, Australia, and arrived in Hong Kong in 2005. She met her (Canadian) husband here, and later they had two children. They now have a mini-farm of two dogs, two birds and live outside of the city surrounded by mountains by the sea in a quaint beach town, Sai Kung.

When she’s not with her kids; or seeing clients, Priscilla loves recipe developing in her kitchen and weight training. She also researches and reviews the latest studies in PubMed. She is always sharpening her tools in her toolbox by engaging in further professional education, as this field of science is constantly evolving.

Soligo family

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