"My goal is to help you to optimise your health and wellbeing so that you feel empowered to THRIVE every day for the rest of your life. Not only will you surpass your goals practically and sustainably - you will feel more aligned with your brain and body than ever before."

Priscilla Soligo is a clinical nutritionist and holds a bachelor’s degree from The University of Southern Queensland and a postgraduate degree in the science of human nutrition from Deakin University, Melbourne. She is sought after globally for her scientific evidence-based background fused with her holistic, practical, and sustainable approach to wellness.

In her practice; Thrive with Priscilla, she helps her clients optimise their health by creating sustainable habits that help them to successfully reach their goals. Priscilla clinically investigates underlying factors to personalise health plans for her clients. This includes supporting blood sugar balance, blood biomarkers, hormones, longevity, gut health, metabolic health, and more.

After discovering the impact strength training had on her previously compromised immune system, Priscilla later graduated from The Australian Institute of Fitness, Perth. She received her master personal trainer certification and is a fully qualified Australian PT. Her pursuit for education is constantly ongoing, as she is passionate about coaching her clients’ on the importance of modulating both diet and lifestyle to obtain optimal health and longevity. Priscilla’s at-home online strength training program will launch 2021.

Priscilla is also a trained Chef (Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy, US) specialising in mostly plant-based raw foods. She has instructed at culinary academies and workshops in the US, Australia, Thailand, and Bali and has held private kitchens in Hong Kong. Priscilla has been featured in numerous magazines and Hong Kong’s TVB Dolce Vita for her health-food innovations and later founded Hong Kong’s first bean-to-bar chocolate factory with her sister, Raiz The Bar. They won the Natural & Organic Products Award (NOPA) in 2016. After closing their factory doors Priscilla returned to university for her post-graduate education to deep dive into the science of human nutrition. 

After struggling to lose weight post-pregnancies and having severe diastasis recti due to requiring C-section births for both of her babies, her brain and body felt disconnected for years after. Her diet in the past has been vegan, raw vegan, pescatarian, and is currently omnivore eating for balanced blood sugar.

 “I thought I knew how to take care of myself, but I was deficient, depleted and, always sick.” 

On December 30th, 2019 just before New Year’s Eve in Sydney Australia, Priscilla was involved in an accident where she sustained several facial fractures.

“My surgeon and the medical staff during my check-ins were highly curious as to how I was able to expedite my healing with such a quick decrease in inflammation and an increase in tissue and skin regeneration. My accident recovery given the severity (I opted out of surgery) proved as anecdotal evidence that my THRIVE lifestyle is indeed efficacious – even on levels I was unaware of.”

View Priscilla’s documented journey on her Instagram @thrivewithpriscilla in highlights: Opened I, III and III.”

“I want women to feel empowered about their choices, their health, and to THRIVE. I give my clients the tools to successfully navigate nutrition and lifestyle which today can be so confusing. I love watching my clients’ hit their goals while bringing their brains and body back into alignment. You will learn what works best for you (not someone else) and to trust your choices. Choosing progress over perfection is the first step to THRIVE.”

Keep thriving,

It's personal

Priscilla is from Sydney Australia and arrived to Hong Kong in 2005. She met her (Canadian) husband here and later had their children here and the rest (as they say) is history.

When she’s not with her kids; or seeing clients, Priscilla loves recipe developing in her kitchen. She’s also researching, and reviewing the latest studies in PubMed. Filling her brain with exciting new findings in the field of nutrition and fitness is her jam! 

Soligo family

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